Maasdam Recipe

I am a big fan of alpine style cheeses, their only problem being the long aging time required to develop the fantastic flavours and aromas. So it was interesting to find that this ‘problem’ had prompted the birth of a new cheese; Maasdam.

It was developed by the Dutch back in the 1980s in an effort to produce a cheese that could rival the great Swiss Emmental yet ripen faster. The result is a cross between Gouda, smooth and creamy and Emmental, nutty and fruity with Emmentals characteristic eyes.

This recipe has been tweaked over the past few years to get the right texture and moisture content to allow eye formation. It could probably do with a little more work but I am posting it because it produces a sweet flavorful cheese that everyone who tries it loves. If you try it let me know how it turns out. …read more

The Science & Art of Cheese

I thought I’d share this ten minute video from KQED Science about the art and science of cheese and cheesemaking in the California area of the United States.

I hope you enjoy it.

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Happy Birthday Philanthr0pist

Philanthr0pist and his twin brother - 1 day old

It was a beautiful sunny day in December. The sun glinted from the cow’s shiny coats as they meandered their way through the paddock towards the milking shed.

At the milking shed the girls munched on their molasses laced treats as the warm raw milk flowed into the milk vat. This milk was destined for cheese making and within a few short hours it would be crafted into a Gouda, or would it be two?

I had remembered a tweet by @CurdNerd – “I’ll age your cheese if you age mine…”. I’ll make two and send one to @CurdNerd. …read more

Philanthr0pist leaves home

Philanthr0pist (middle) - 1 month old party with guests from @BRUNYCHEESE

I’m @CurdNerd & I love cheese. I’m fortunate to be in an occupation where I get paid to taste & talk about my muse. Life is nothing without obsession. Social media is a healthy outlet for this, and a welcome respite for my lovely wife @CustardSquare from my constant cheese natterings.

@mooBlogger slapped me in the face with his obsession – it felt good and I wanted more. On December 23 2010 he did just that. No not a slap in the face. Better, the supply of a cheese in reply to my tweet below. I promptly named this cheese @Philanthr0pist in honour of Phil’s #CheeseSolidarity. …read more

Farmhouse Cheddar

Cheddar is one of the great cheeses, it has a range of flavors from mild and buttery when young to sharp and tangy when aged. Unfortunately there are many cheeses that are called cheddar that are nothing like traditional cheddar and don’t even include a cheddaring process when they are made. Farmhouse cheddar is typically a cheese that follows the traditional cheddar recipe but cheats in the cheddaring process to save time. …read more

Artisan Cheese Making at Home

OK, I love this book. I have so many cheese making books it’s embarrassing and when I heard about Mary Karlin’s new home cheese making book I wasn’t sure if I would get it, it’s not like I needed another one. I’m quite familiar with the practices and processes of cheese making and so many cheese making books simply re-hash the same things. Having said that I am so glad I bought it. A quick look at the contents page was enough to tell me that this book was different enough to be interesting. …read more

American Farmstead Cheese

Written by Paul Kindstedt (a professor of the department of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the University of Vermont) along with the Vermont Cheese Council , this is a book that tries to blend the scientific and artisnal aspects of cheese making. While a good scientific understanding of cheese making is important to produce consistently good cheese it is difficult to describe the art of cheese making in a book.
…read more

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