Artisan Cheese Making at Home

OK, I love this book. I have so many cheese making books it’s embarrassing and when I heard about Mary Karlin’s new home cheese making book I wasn’t sure if I would get it, it’s not like I needed another one. I’m quite familiar with the practices and processes of cheese making and so many cheese making books simply re-hash the same things. Having said that I am so glad I bought it. A quick look at the contents page was enough to tell me that this book was different enough to be interesting. …read more

American Farmstead Cheese

Written by Paul Kindstedt (a professor of the department of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the University of Vermont) along with the Vermont Cheese Council , this is a book that tries to blend the scientific and artisnal aspects of cheese making. While a good scientific understanding of cheese making is important to produce consistently good cheese it is difficult to describe the art of cheese making in a book.
…read more

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Keeping a family cow

Today, with the plethora of different types of milk available at the supermarket I wonder what ever happened to the stuff my father used to milk by hand from the cows at his boarding school. That was real milk, the only kind you could get, unadulterated, straight from the cow that those boys drank for breakfast. Now days however, it seems big business has bastardized milk to the point I’m not sure if you can truthfully call the stuff milk any more. …read more