• Calf raising information

Un-biased, non-commercial source of information about raising dairy calves.

Lifestyleblock forum

  • Lifestyle farmers forum

Popular friendly and informative discussions on small scale farming.

NZ Alliance for Raw Milk

  • Raw milk advocates

Promote the freedom to choose raw milk.

Cottage Crafts

  • Milk Map

Locate sources of raw milk in NZ.

Cottage Crafts

  • Cheesemaking Supplies

Great service, good range of cultures, rennet and other cheesemaking consumables at a reasonable price.

Curds & Whey

  • Cheesemaking Supplies

Good range of cheesemaking supplies for the home and commercial cheesemaker.

Artisan Cheese Making at Home

  • Cheesemaking web site

Nice site that supports the book of the same name by Mary Karlin.

Canterbury Cheesemongers

  • Retail cheese store

Beautifully aged cheeses from local cheesemakers and from around the world.

Cutting the Curd

  • Online radio show

Cheesy discussion by Anne Saxelby that includes guests from the world of dairy, ranging from historians to farmers, chefs to cheese mongers.